Dissertation Hours
East Carolina University
PHD Program in Technical Discourse
Class taken by Caroline S. Brooks

Book Notes Research Articles

16 Types of Purposeful Sampling by Patton 1990 PDF

A Break in the Transaction - Examining Students Responses to Digital Texts by Evans and Poe 2007 PDF

A Case Study of One Adult Writing in Academic and Nonacademic Discourse PDF

A Ceaseless Becoming - Narratives of Adolescence Across Media by Grisby 2001PDF

A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, technology and socialist-feminism in the late 20th century by Donna Haraway 1991 PDF

A Design for a Hypermedia-Based Learning Environment by Nykanen & Ala-Rantala 1998 PDF

A Framework for Analysis of 2D Platformer Levels by Smith, Cha & Whitehead 2008 PDF

A Grammar of Motives by Kenneth Burke 2000 PDF

A Structuring Structure - The Swahili House by Donley-Reid 1990 PDF

A Study of Power - World Politics & Personal Insecurity by Lasswell 1950 PDF

Action Video Games & Informal Education - Effects on Strategies for Dividing Visual Attention by Greenfield et al 1994 PDF

Adapting COTS Games to Military Simulation by Fong 2004 PDF

AI Structuralist Storytelling in Computer Games by Fairclough & Cunningham 2004 PDF

America Calling - A Social History of the Telephone to 1940 by Fischer PDF

Americas Army PC Game Vision and Realization by the US Army 2004 PDF

An Apology for Form by Coe 1987 PDF

An Initial Analysis of the Military Potential of COTS Games by Ford et al 2003 PDF

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics by Holmes 2001 PDF

Analyzing Discourse - Textual Analysis for Social Research by Fairclough 2003 PDF

Architecture & Order - Approaches to Social Space by Richards 1997 PDF

Architecture, Power & National Identity by Vale 2008 PDF

Argumentation & Advocacy - Toward a Theory of Visual Argument by Birdsell & Groarke 2004 PDF

Army Distance Learning Can Enhance Personnel Readiness by Winkler et al 2002 PDF

Army Training - Commanders Lack Guidance & Training by US GAO 1993 PDF

Art & Visual Perception - A Psychology of the Creative Eye by Arnheim 1954 PDF

As We Become Machines - Corpealized Pleasures in Video Games by Lahti 2003 PDF

As We May Think by Bush 2003 PDF

Assessing Higher Order Thinking in Video Games by John Rice 2007 PDF

Augmenting Human Intellect - A Conceptual Framework by Engelbart 2001 PDF

Avatars, Virtual Reality Technology & the US Military - Emerging Policy Issues by Wilson 2008 PDF

Being Visual, Visual Beings by Sheehan 2002 PDF

Beyond Euclids Fifth by Martin Walch 2007 PDF

Black Magic & Gremlins - Analog Flight Simulations at NASA's Flight Research Center by Waltman 2000 PDF

Brainwash - The Secret History of Mind Control by Streatfeild 2007 PDF

British Library Digital Lives Research Project by Beagrie 2006 PDF

British Public Diplomacy in the Age of Schisms by Leonard and Small 2005 PDF

Challenge-Based Learning - An Approach for Our Time by Johnson et al 2009 PDF

Cognitive Strategies in Web Searching by Navarro-Prieto et al PDF

Collaboration of the Entertainment Industry by the US Dept of Defense by Mcauliffe et al 2000 PDF

Defense Combat SIM Olympics - Methodologies Incorporating the Cyber Gaming Culture by Maguire et al 2003 PDF

Defensible Space - Crime Prevention through Urban Design by Oscar 1972 PDF

Deleuze & Guattari For Architects by Andrew Ballantyne 2007 PDF

Delightful Identification & Persuasion - Towards an Analytical & Applied Rhetoric of Digital Games by Walz 2003 PDF

Department of Defense & Gaming Joint Development with Mark Stoklosa 2005 PDF

Designing Games & Illustrations by Cathy Stein Greenblat 1988 PDF

Designing Qualtitative Studies by Patton 1990 PDF

Designing the User Interface - Strategies for Effective HCI by Schneiderman 2003 PDF

Digital Natives Digital Immigrants Part II by Prensky 2001 PDF

Digital Play - The Interaction of Technology Culture & Marketing by Kline et al 2003 PDF

Discourse Analysis - Its Development & Application to the Structure of News by van Dijk 1983 PDF

Discourse by Laclau 2012 PDF

Discourse by Sara Mills 2004 PDF

Discourse Theory by Ernesto Laclau 2012 PDF

Disintegrating Bodies of Knowledge - Historical Material & Revisionary Histories of Rhetoric by Sharer 1999 PDF



Comparative Video Game Comparison by Ian Bogost PDF