English Composition 1101 / Fall 2018
Northwest Florida State College
Class Instructor: Caroline S. Brooks
Phone: 337.967.8750
Email: csb1105@gmail.com
Website: www.carolinebrooks.org/fall2018/enc1101.html

Course Materials Book & Class Notes Literature - To Read

Syllabus PDF

Important Dates

Composition Essay Rubric PDF

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08-28-18 Notes on "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"

08-28-18 Questions on "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"

08-30-18 Read The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe then answer analytical questions here.

08-30-18 The Cask of Amontillado Presentation PDF

09-04-18 Read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka then answer analytical questions here.

09-06-18 The Metamorphosis PowerPoint

09-11-18 The Metamorphosis PowerPoint Part II

09-25-18 Literary Movements within Literature

09-13-18 Read Barn Burning by William Faulkner then answer analytical questions here.

09-18-18 Barn Burning by William Faulkner Prezi Presentation

09-27-18 The Veldt by Ray Bradbury NOTES » QUESTIONS

10-02-18 The Veldt Prezi Presentation

10-02-18 MLA Prezi Presentation

10-02-18 MLA, 8th Edition Prezi Presentation

10-02-18 Questions to Ask Regarding Source Credibility PDF

10-04-18 How to Create an Annotative Bibliography Prezi Presentation

10-04-18 Rewrites for paper number two and your annotative bibliography are due (annotative bilbiography must be at least two pages typed)

10-04-18 Logical Fallacies to Avoid Prezi Presentation

10-04-18 Logical Fallacies PDF

Smart Start Workshop (Constructing More Effective Thesis Statements and Making Better Arguments) PDF

What is an Argument? PDF

The Practice of Critical Writing & Close Reading PDF PowerPoint

Read Cathedral by Raymond Carver then answer analytical questions here.

Descriptive Journal Assignment

Analytical Reading & Writing

  • Looking Closely at Analytical Writing PDF
  • How to Write Analytically PDF
  • Critical & Analytical Thinking PDF
  • Questions About the Elements of Fiction PDF
  • Questions About Plot PDF
  • Reading Questions to Ask PDF
  • Analyzing a Character PDF
  • Questions About Character PDF
  • Writing About Literature PDF
  • Questions About Narration and Point of View PDF
  • Questions about Tone, Language and Symbol PDF

Annotated Bibliography

  • What is an Annotated Bibliography? PDF
  • Sample Annotative Bibliography PDF
  • Writing an Annotated Bibliography PDF
  • Writing With Sources PDF

Critical Review

  • How to Write a Critical Review of a Journal Article PDF
  • Critical Reading Strategies PDF
  • Critical Analysis Template PDF
  • Tips for Identifying Theme PDF
  • Preparing a Response to Critical Contexts PDF
  • Comparative Analysis PDF


  • Research Strategies PDF
  • Documenting Methods and Findings PDF
  • Types of Research Methods PDF

Grammar Usage

  • Grammar Handbook PDF
  • Defining Figures of Speech PDF
  • Visual Imagery and Figures of Speech PDF
  • Editing and Proofreading Checklist PDF

Peer Review

  • What is Peer Review? PDF
  • Peer Review Guidelines PDF
  • Peer Review Worksheet 1 PDF
  • Peer Review Worksheet 2 PDF


  • What is Plagiarism? PDF

Style Guides

  • Guide to All Styles in Writing PDF

Thesis Statements

  • Developing a Thesis Statement PDF
  • What is a Thesis Statement PDF
  • Thesis Statement Basics PDF
  • Writing a Strong Thesis Statement PDF
  • Writing an Effective Thesis Statement PDF
  • Thesis and Motive Checklist PDF
  • Analytical Thesis Statements PDF

Writing Process

  • The Writing Process PDF
  • How to Engage in the Writing Process PDF
  • Stages of the Writing Process PDF
  • The Importance of Analogies PDF
  • How to Write the Literary Essay PDF
  • How to Write a Comparative Essay PDF